The San Diego 2600 Meeting

2600 is a hacker quarterly magazine founded and edited by Emmanuel Goldstein. It has been around since the early 80s, and has worked for the hacker ideal of ethical hacking.

San Diego 2600 (san2600 or SD2600) is an auxiliary of 2600 Magazine. We are an outlet of 2600 in the Greater San Diego area and have been regularly meeting in the University City area for the since 1996. The meetings serve as a place to hang out, meet the people you talk with online, discuss the latest technological advancements or hacker issues, and trade ideas.

When & Where
Our meeting like every other 2600 meeting meets at 5pm on the first Friday of every month. Everyone, regardless to age, sex, or any other distinguishing marks or features, religion, sexual preference, or skills, capabilities, or employment (or lack there-of on any of the above,) is welcome and encouraged to attend this meeting (Feds, other law enforcement officers, and corporate security officers are welcomed too!) The San Diego 2600 Meeting is at:

Regents Pizza
4150 Regents Park Row #170
San Diego, CA 92122
Map (Google Maps)

We meet on the patio, usually near the back of the restaurant.

Internet is available via wifi provided by the restaurant.  Please be careful not to abuse the internet, as we are on good terms with the owner and don’t want to be kicked out.

What to Expect
The SD2600 meets are not like the average User Group meets (nor even the standard 2600 meets.) There is rarely an “official” speaker, rarely a topic or agenda, and extremely unstructured (formal topics are covered in our sister-meets, Memosasec.) People just show up and group off based on the discussion of each group (and anyone can join the discussion in any group.)  Movement between the groups is normal and expected, and people are left to participate on their own. Folks at the meeting will make every attempt to welcome and involve new people in the discussion.  Most of the discussions are carried over from or to the mailing list or this website, but you don’t need to have any pre-existing knowledge of any of the subjects or have to read the archives or this website to fit in to the discussions. Discussions range from the latest security exploit, the latest tools or techniques, general security discussions, lock-picking (usually someone brings a couple locks and picks with them,) cryptography, the weather, current events, and anything else folks bring with them to the meeting. Most members go out of their way to welcome new people.

You are not required nor are you expected to divulge personal information about yourself (unless you want to,) and most of us use our handles instead of our names.

Bring money with you if you’d like to eat or drink. Since we are meeting in a restaurant, most folks buy food or drinks and eat them there while at the meeting. The food is excellent, pizza, calzones, sandwiches, and salads. We usually take over much of the restaurant, but we do try to leave some tables available for other customers, and outside tables are available as well.

E-mail List for Meeting Reminders and Discussions

Our mailing list is sd2600 @, which is available to anyone who registers.  You can register for this list via the Mailman Registration Page.  Users wishing to unregister can also do so via the link above. (Site is in transition at the moment, and the mailman link above may not be working properly.  Contact ltlw0lf  @  mattisoncv  .  net for help.)